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The mysterious attraction of older men to younger women with Cloud9 Party

We often see around us that as men grow older and hit their forties, suddenly their desire for younger women tends to increase. When it comes to dating, they continually seem to lean towards girls half their age.  It is very strange, but at the same time, very true. Celebrity gossip about the so-called ‘satisfying’ relationships between older men like Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise and Woody Allen and younger women like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Katie Holmes or that of the media baron Rupert Murdoch and Wendy Murdoch have colored the imagination of countless Hollywood fans.

Older Man’s Ego

The phenomenon of older men getting attracted to younger women is actually an outcome of the evolutionary psychological theory. This theory speaks about the nature of the male ego and how the multiple factors like virility, sexual potency and financial stability boost it. From this constant need arises the insecurity that they are growing old. This fear bugs them like hell and they grow extremely hyperactive and start to look for younger and further younger females.olderman-age-gap

The Facts

Statistics of dating sites reveal that men, the older they are, are attracted to younger girls in an inversely proportional ratio. The path-breaking survey done by OkCupid in 2010 revealed that men in their 40s are drawn to women in their twenties while men in their 50s are attracted to girls sometimes in their teens still. Somehow, they all turn a blind eye to women closer to their age group or even the same age. This is phenomenon termed as ‘sexual invisibility’ by gender studies researchers at Position1. This means that these promiscuous people render their female counterparts as sexually invisible.

Research on gender studies has revealed that men are even touchier about ageing than their female counterparts. With the onset of the 40s, menopause sets in, with its unavoidable mood swings, hormonal changes, loss of follicular shafts and graying of hair. Although women are thought to be the chief consumers of anti-ageing creams, men are catching up rapidly. They are extremely touchy about maintaining their youthful looks and are prepared to go to any length to maintain this image of a virile, potent and capable man. In a strange way, this seems to define their success, apart from a fat bank balance. If they manage to hook a young and beautiful girl, notwithstanding her intellectual capabilities, nothing boosts their egos more.

old-manSecurity With Them

It has been noticed that with advancing age, as women seem to settle more in their skin, and seem to be attracted to sensible and financially secure people, men grow more insecure about their age and looks and by dating young people, they claim to retain their youthful spirits. They find women close to them sexually boring (and of course, less flirtatious).

Lastly, it must be mentioned that the attraction varies from person to person and all the rules mentioned are not the same for everyone.